E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2023

Aculturation of Javanese European Culture in the Architecture of Pendapa Ageng Pura Mangkunegaran

Author(s): Erisya Pebrianti Pratiwi, Sariyatun, Susanto


Before entering Dutch influence, cities in Java Still form a center kingdom, center of religious activities, or port. At the start arrival of the Dutch on Java Island, place living Europeans in Batavia Castle exist arrangement alone like in their home country. House stay stylish Indies loaded will luxury with interiors and furnishings house stairs. From the process of acculturation culture between Europe and Java, the building Indies own features and styles separate to be the arbiter between building in Europe however still there is Java’s elements, for one building Pendapa Ageng at the Mangkuneagaran Temple in Surakarta.

This study including study descriptive qualitative with an approach to ethnography. Data used is in the form of written words or oral action, the rest is additional data like documents. Data collection techniques are carried out with interviews, observation and analysis files or documents. The data analysis technique used is analysis qualitative with collecting data, data reduction, data presentation and draw conclusion.

Based on the results study can conclude: (1) Pendapa Ageng Pura Mangkunegaran owns pattern room like house stay Java in general, however expanded with a number of building additions that surround it; (2) As building historic and owned role is important in the development Western culture in Surakarta, Pura Mangkunegaran be one-factor supporters and examples from form Indonesian culture period got influence Western and global culture; (3) Ornaments on Pendapa Ageng Pura Mangkunegaran consists from various kind and have an important meaning as building historical.

Keywords: Acculturation, Culture, Architecture, Pura Mangkunegaran, Indische

Pages: 1145-1152

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