E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2023

Application of 7 Right Drug Administration Principle in the Pediatric Ward of the Aceh Government Hospital

Author(s): Elsa Ismiranda, Mayanti Mahdasari, Muhammad Yusuf, Yuswardi, Putri Mayasari


Background: Medication error is a crucial issue of concern in the health sector worldwide because of its potential to harm patients. Medication errors often occur during the drug administration phase or are known as medication administration errors. To minimize drug administration errors, it is necessary to apply the 7 right principle of drug administration. This case study is a descriptive study that aims to determine the implementatation of the 7 right principles of drug administration in the pediatric ward of the Aceh Province government hospital.

Methods: The data collection technique used purposive sampling with a sample of 14 nurses. Demographic data collection was carried out using a questionnaire filled out by respondents while data collection regarding the application of the 7 right principles of drug administration used the observation method using an observation checklist sheet compiled based on the Standard Operating Procedures of the Aceh government hospital and analyzed using descriptive statistics.

Results: The application of the 7 right principles of drug administration (85.7%) is not optimal, with the value of each principle being different, namely the patient's right principle (85.7%) is not optimal, the right drug (100%) is optimal, the right dose (100%) is optimal, the right time and frequency (78.6%) are optimal, the right route (100%) is optimal, the right information (57.1%) is optimal, and the right documentation (92.9%) is optimal.

Recommendations: It is recommended that nurses be able to apply each of the 7 right principles of drug administration optimally.

Keywords: Medication Errors, Drug Administration Principle, Nurses

Pages: 730-733

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