E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 3, 2024

Superficial Urinary Bladder Cancer: Clinical Presentations and Management in Gezira Hospital for Renal Diseases and Surgery-Medani, Sudan

Author(s): Dr. Awad Abdalla Widaa

DOI: https://doi.org/10.62225/2583049X.2024.4.3.2869


Urinary bladder cancers are heterogeneous groups of tumors with different subtype and different behavior. Although there are improvement in the detection and management of urinary bladder cancer, the death to all remains high. GHRDS and NCI (Wad Medani-Sudan) records showed that there are increasing numbers of cases diagnosed as superficial bladder cancer in last years from their annual reports. This study aimed to determine the pattern of clinical presentation of superficial urinary bladder cancer, to detect any known risk factors, and to determine the pathological pattern in the studied patients so as to assist in optimizing the treatment of cancer bladders and provide practical guidance on the clinical management, and to evaluate the outcome by provision of trustful data and audit. With a focus on clinical presentation and recommendations.

Study Design: Methods this is Descriptive, retrospective, prospective hospital-based study in which all patients presented to GHRDS and NCI with symptoms and signs of superficial bladder cancer proved by histopathology from June 2010 to September 2018. Data were retrieved by data sheets from all soft and hard data of patients from GHRDS and NCI and Data were fed to Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS).

Results: A total of 66 patients were confirmed to have superficial bladder cancer from June 2010 to September 2018. The disease is more common in male with ratio (3.1: 1). And peak incidence in the fifth and sixth decades of life. Most of the patients from central sudan (Gezira, Sinnar, Gadariff states) they represents 86,3%. Farmers were 36,4%. Painless gross Haematuria is the most common presenting symptom among the studied group, account for 87.8%%, followed by LUTS in 42.4%. all patients recorded with bladder cancer during the study period were 207 patients, only 66 patients (31.9%) were diagnosed as superficial urinary bladder cancer and was confirmed by the histopathology and there were 141 patients (68.1.%) diagnosed as invasive bladder cancer. transitional cell carcinoma was the most common type (TCC) in 97%. and only 3% as carcinoma in situ.

Keywords: Superficial Urinary Bladder Cancer, Presentation, TTC, Recurrence, Non-muscle-invasive Tumor, GHRDS, NCI (Wad Medani-Sudan)

Pages: 900-907

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