E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 3, 2024

Rising Tides, Resilient Noveletaños: Understanding Flood Experiences and Community Recovery Strategies in the Lens of Barangay Captains

Author(s): Anastacio Jaycelyn S, Dela Pena Ryzza Mae B, Gamboa Yrone Henrich N, Rosales Lyka Janelle D, Lazaro Bryan Louis G


This study aims and explores the strategies and experiences of barangay captains in Noveleta, Cavite, following significant flooding events that occur in their term. Utilizing a transcendental phenomenological approach, the research engaged ten participants through purposive sampling to delve into the lived experiences, coping mechanisms, and contextual influences affecting their responses to floods. The findings are organized into four major themes: Disaster Preparedness and Response, Community Engagement and Cooperation, Infrastructure and Environmental Concerns, and Communication and Reflection. These themes encompass various aspects such as preparedness, emergency response, government support, community awareness, leadership, environmental management, communication tools, and the contribution of flood control projects. The study highlights the critical role of local leadership in disaster response and community resilience, emphasizing the need for improved infrastructure, effective communication strategies, enhanced community training to mitigate the impacts of future flooding events, and what can be the possible solution to lessen the risk of flooding.

Keywords: Flooding, Catch Basin, Barangay Captains, Strategies, Experiences, Recovery, Community, Leadership, Coping Mechanism, Emergency Response, Preparedness, Disaster, Risk, Solutions, Phenomenological, Awareness, Impact

Pages: 811-832

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