E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2023

Challenges in Learning Mathematics: A Study from the Perspective of School Student's

Author(s): Dr. A Prasanna, Dr. S Ismail Mohideen, Dr. G Sivanesan


This study investigates the challenges experienced by school students in learning mathematics and explores their perceptions and experiences. The objectives of the study are to assess students' feelings of sleepiness, boredom, and interest in mathematics, examine teacher-student interactions, identify language barriers, and determine the factors contributing to boredom during mathematics classes. A survey-based research design was used, and a representative sample of students was selected through stratified random sampling. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire and analysed using descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and variable importance tests. The study identified that a significant percentage of students reported feeling sleepy, bored, or uninterested towards learning mathematics. The observed proportions deviated significantly from the reference value of 0.5, suggesting distinct experiences among students. Additionally, no significant difference was found in the balance of positive and negative teacher-student interactions. However, variable importance tests identified key factors contributing to students' boredom towards learning mathematics, including teaching style, subject matter confusion, and workload.

Based on the findings, several implications for mathematics education are suggested. It is vital to employ engaging and interactive teaching methods to address students' feelings of sleepiness and boredom. Creating a positive classroom environment that nurtures student interest and motivation is essential. Additionally, reducing workload and providing clear explanations for challenging concepts can reduce confusion and enhance students' understanding of mathematics. Efforts should also be made to overcome language barriers and ensure effective communication between teachers and students.

In conclusion, this study highlights the challenges faced by students in mathematics learning. The findings underscore the importance of establishing aencouraging and supportive learning environment to promote student engagement and interest in mathematics. By addressing the identified factors contributing to boredom, educators and policymakers can enhance the quality of mathematics education, leading to improved learning experiences and outcomes for students.

Keywords: Mathematics Learning, Student Perceptions, Teacher-Student Interactions, Boredom, Teaching Style, Workload

Pages: 1239-1245

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