E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2023

Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Indian Stock Market: A Study on Investors' Perceptions

Author(s): T Srinivas Rao, Arshia Sulthana


Indian stock market has gained more importance and developments in terms of financial intermediaries, number of stock exchanges, and volume of trading, stock exchange turnovers, listed companies, and others. After growth and development of financial sector in India the scope of different financial avenues has been increased and they find many investment opportunities for investment. The purpose of the study is to analyze the investor perceptions about the stock market investment by using convenient sampling technique. The data will be collected from the individual investors in the form of questionnaire and their responses on stock market investment and macroeconomic variables will be considered. The one-way ANOVA is used for the analysis part. It was found that among eight variables that is age, gender, occupation, educational qualification, marital status, size of family, monthly income and no. of members earn in the family, the two variables that is occupation and number of members earned in the family are the only factors that show no significant difference with investors’ perceptions on macroeconomic variables and its impact on Indian stock market.

Keywords: BSE, Bankex, FMCG, IT, Bank Rates, Exchange Rates, GDP and WPI

Pages: 1184-1187

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