E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2023

Practice Skills in the Business Profession and Use Technology and Information Skills of Bankers

Author(s): Nguyen Thi Cam Nhung, Tran Thi Minh Phuong, Tran Thi Thao


Banking operations require skills related to professional qualifications to perform jobs related to banking operations. For bankers, banking is an important thing that every employee needs. This transaction will revolve around activities such as business, transactions, monetary investment, expenses, finance, etc. of the bank. Currently, banks are implementing digital transformation, which is a change in culture, organization, and ways of banking through technology. In the banking industry, digital transformation also means improvements in many service-related areas, including process automation, enhanced customer experience, data integration, and enhanced agility in organization and sales. This study was conducted with the aim of identifying, analyzing, and measuring the practice skills in the business profession and use of technology and information skills of bankers in Hanoi by using qualitative and quantitative research methods. Quantitative research methods were carried out with SPSS software, including descriptive statistics, Cronbach's alpha, and EFA analysis. On the basis of a review of previous studies and after interviewing experts, the study has identified and analyzed six scales (component attributes) of practice skills in the business profession and the use of technology and information skills of bankers. Based on this result, the study proposes some recommendations to improve the practice skills in the business profession and use technology and information skills of bankers, thereby improving the quality of human resources and improving business performance in commercial banks in Hanoi.

Keywords: Skills, Bankers, Business Profession, Technology and Information, Commercial Banks, Hanoi, Human Resources

Pages: 1175-1179

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