E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2023

Novel Hybrid-Relay Cooperative Communications Technique for Agriculture

Author(s): Chikezie Kennedy Kalu, Olani Bekele Sakilu, Simeon Ebhota


Objective: To investigate, and analyse the novel Hybrid-Relay Cooperative communications technique and algorithms which provides the possibility of obtaining improved system performance, with minimal cost, complexities, and overall energy consumption in wireless fading channels while retaining spectral efficiency to aid decision making processes for a more efficient and effective water-agriculture-food nexus.

Methods: Henceforth, the comparative performance and energy efficiency analysis of the fundamental cooperative MIMO techniques namely: Detect & Forward (DF), Amplify & Forward (AF) and the Coded cooperation were analysed with respect to the Hybrid Cooperative Communications technique. The methodical and data-driven analyses were carried out using MATLAB and Wireless Communications Systems Parameters.

Results: In harmony with the ‘Green Communications’ wireless communication theme; the excellent trade – off between performance (data rate) and energy efficiency is confirmed, which of course creates very good potential for use for an improved agricultural monitoring and management system.

Conclusion: The Hybrid-Relay Cooperative communications system serves as a basis for the comparative analysis of the aforementioned cooperative MIMO techniques and provides fundamental, but meaningful deductions and potentials with regards to efficient cooperative communications for innovative, efficient and effective water management for improved agricultural practices and a sustainable environment.

Keywords: Agriculture, Hybrid-Relay Cooperative Communications System, Decode & Forward, Amplify & Forward, Coded Cooperative Communications, Cooperative Communications, Innovative

Pages: 1070-1078

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