E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 4, 2022

School counseling practices in an International setting: A Metasynthesis study

Author(s): Bryan Louis G Lazaro, Signor Rinno D Montales, Zorayda P Agus, Marieta M Dizon, Cornelio S Doloque, Analiza J Gabayeron, Celia R Ignacio, Genalyn M Lago, Ronnie G Cainglet


One of the lifelines of a school system is guidance counseling. Its role is vital and required in school institutions. The researchers in this study chose random articles from all over the world to better understand how therapy was offered during the epidemic. These articles were pulled together from several databases. These include Google Scholar, ResearchGate, The Web of Science, Scopus, and Dialnet. This study identified fourteen (14) different school counseling services offered worldwide. These are ASCA National Model, Uni Virtual Clinic (UVC), Therapeutic change processes, school-based combined individual and dyadic intervention, Psychopharmacology evaluation, ICT-based Counseling, Technology-Aided Counseling Services, School Counseling Services at the Onset of COVID-19, Quality Guidance and Counseling Program, social media-based Counseling Services, Creative career coaching, Shared Goals Activity, and Narrative Therapy. All of which are from fourteen (14) articles that were meta-synthesized and analyzed through a thematic approach. The research found two governing modalities of guidance counseling in the new normal, face-to-face and online. To address the issues and gaps presented in the discussion of each method, the researchers came up with a HyFlex Model of Guidance Counseling. This model caters to different services designed for a hybrid and flexible setup, mixing face-to-face and online modalities on its services. The researchers recommend utilizing more research studies for the meta-synthesis process to support further the claim on the hybrid and flexible setup of counseling methods in the new normal. They also encourage future researchers to study the model's effectiveness and efficiency further.

Keywords: Metasynthesis, HyFlex Model, COVID-19, Constructivism

Pages: 568-574

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