E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 4, 2022

Determinants of Job Satisfaction in Rescue Workers

Author(s): Anbreen Bano, Dr. Khawar Bilal, Dr Sonia Ijaz Haider, Farah Shafiq


The present research was conducted to investigate the determinants of job satisfaction in rescue workers. The variables of Resilience, life orientation and psychological wellbeing were taken as determinants and their role would be studied in job satisfaction of rescue workers. Data was taken from different Rescue Service Stations of Lahore. Purposive sampling technique was used for this study. The sample size of 200 participants with the age range 25-40 years was included in this study. In order to obtain information Demographic form was administered followed by the Job Satisfaction Survey (Shahzad, 2010), Indigenous Resilient Scale (Naz, Saleem & Mehmood, 2010), Life Orientation Test- Revised LOT-R (Huda & Kausar, 2013) and psychological wellbeing scale (Aslam & Kausar, 2010). The data was analyzed through correlation and regression. The results showed that resilience, life orientation and psychological wellbeing were positively correlated with job satisfaction in rescue workers. This study helped to make interventions associated to health-related domain like mental health and awareness must be given to clinical psychologist for developing the psycho-education programs and workshops.

Keywords: Resilience, Life Orientation, Psychological Well, Job Satisfaction, Rescue Workers 1122, Pakistan

Pages: 408-412

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