E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 4, 2022

A review article of phytochemical constitutions of the Sargassum Genus

Author(s): Diana Al-Hashdy, Salwa Raweh, Amina El-Shaibany, Abdulrahman Humaid, Mahmoud El -Aasser


The bioactive secondary metabolites of Sargassum species have not been completely investigated, while, their major constituents are known and used in folk medicine.

Furthermore, several unique compounds have been isolated as meroterpenoids, pholorotanins and fucoidans from Sargassum species, which may be responsible for their medicinal activities. Other compounds such as phytosterols, sulfoglycolipids, and polyunsaturated fatty acids have been barely reported in this genus

This review focuses on the chemical constituents from sargassum species. The present review provides a significant clue for further research of the chemical constituents from the sargassum species as potential medicines. It is important to mention that the occurrences of classes of secondary metabolites in seaweeds are a point deserving consideration, because it may end up useful in prospects of pharmacologically active substances.

Keywords: Phytochemical, Sargassum Genus, Alginates, Meroterpenoids, Phlorotannins

Pages: 34-52

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