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International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Vedic Definition of Truth

Author(s): Das Subhendu


Definition: The following Vedic definition of truth, VT, is deeply embedded in the pages, stories, verses, of the Vedic scriptures. (VT): “(1) The laws of nature are the only truths. (2) These laws are created by the objects of nature and their characteristics. (3) Nature always demonstrates its all truths.” If any object violates any part of the above three items, then that object must be false. It should be pointed out that the theories of science are not the same as the laws of nature. All science theories start with assumptions. Humans cannot create or manufacture such truths; because creations cannot understand the creator. A robot cannot know the humans.

Examples: A little thinking will reveal that these truths are unique, universal, and eternal; valid for all the UFO-ET lands, including the entire earth. Vedas and modern events provide many examples of such truths. One obvious example is the deaths of all objects of nature. Not only humans die, but we know that the stars, planets, galaxies, trees, plants, animals, societies, cultures, nations, empires, civilizations, etc., all die also. Since the death is a law of nature, therefore the birth must also be a law of nature. We will examine that the universe must be finite, and therefore all objects must be recycling, periodic, or reincarnating. That is, reincarnation must also be a law of nature. An example of a reincarnation as demonstrated by nature is provided.

Benefits: Such truths will answer many of our deeper questions, like: who am I, what is the purpose of my life, why this universe is here, etc. The answers are already given by such truths. Even a little yogic meditation will reveal that also. Knowing such truths will give permanent peace and will eliminate all physical suffering; depending on how error-free you learn them. VTs will also reveal what can give eternal and global peace on the entire earth. Periodically, Satya Yugas (Golden Ages) appear on earth, with global peace and all eternal truths. A deeper understanding of VTs can help you to realize the features of the Satya Yuga. There are some people from the Satya Yuga, who are still among us, even in the present Kali Yuga (Iron Age). One example of a yogi is provided.

Keywords: Vedic Truth, Correspondence Theory, Bible, Benefits of Truth, Yoga, Trailanga Swami

Pages: 259-269

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