E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2023

Comparative analysis of product policy of Samsung and Huawei

Author(s): Mai Trung Kien, Tran Tan Tai


When smartphones began to take the throne in Vietnam, surely many users will immediately think of the "Samsung vs Apple" battle. 2 giants of the mobile industry, a pioneer who changed the concept of mobile phones, a pioneer in making smartphones available to everyone. As the competition continues, Samsung still holds the No. 1 position in terms of market share, Apple is at No. 2. Then, in the country known as the factory of the world - China, A third force appeared. Huawei, has accelerated strongly in the smartphone field since 2013. In 2018, Huawei dethroned Apple's No. 2 position and by 2019 it was far behind Apple with a gap of 47 million units (Strategy Analytics). And In the Android world, the "war of kings" between Samsung and Huawei is the focus of many experts, as well as users. This study focuses on comparing the success of two giants Samsung and Samsung Huawei is built on the foundation of a unique and consistent product policy in the Vietnamese market from which to draw lessons that lead to the success of product policies in international marketing to make their products popular. known and present all over the world.

Keywords: Samsung, Huawei, Smartphone, Product Policy

Pages: 152-160

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