E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 4, 2024

Legal Certainty of Investigations by the Prosecutor's Office and Police against Government Internal Supervision Apparatus in Enforcing APBD Corruption Crimes

Author(s): Wahyu Satriyo, I Gede Widhiana Suarda, RA Rini Anggraini


This research discusses the legal certainty of investigative actions carried out by the prosecutor's office and the police with the government's internal supervision apparatus in enforcing criminal acts of APBD corruption. The form of coordination carried out is related to the results of investigations carried out into alleged irregularities in government projects originating from the APBN/D. Limits on the Police's authority to follow up on the results of investigations into these allegations. deviations from government projects originating from the APBN/Regional Funds without recommendation from APIP as well as efforts that can be made by the police to follow up on the results of investigations into alleged deviations from government projects originating from the APBN/D if coordination with APIP does not go well. The Prosecutor's Office and the Police, which are State Institutions that are given the authority to carry out Corruption Crime Investigations and Investigations, have serious challenges in eradicating Corruption Crimes. The method used in this article is normative legal research which is prescriptive analytical in nature through conceptual, statutory and case approaches in assessing community participation in efforts to prevent corruption. The results of this research show that corruption drives the decline in people's welfare, thereby forcing the wider community to suffer from irresponsible behavior carried out by corruptors. In this regard, the government is encouraged to make efforts to involve community participation in optimizing the prevention of criminal acts of corruption. These efforts include directions to increase public awareness, action steps, and procedural steps that the public can take in tackling criminal acts of corruption.

Keywords: Corruption Crime, Legal Certainty, Prosecutor's Office, Police

Pages: 40-48

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