E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2024

Job Creation theory of Some Researchers and Employment Status of Vietnam in 2023

Author(s): Vu Thi Hoang Yen, Ngo Thi Dung


The study of job creation has many research authors such as John Maynard Keynes, Arthur Lewis, Harry Toshima, Harris Todaro, Researchers stand from different perspectives to analyze job creation through the relationship between employment and labor supply and demand, the movement of jobs from rural to urban areas, the formal and informal economic sectors, different business sectors: Agriculture, industry, Fishery, forestry... Applying the principles of these studies to analyze Vietnam's employment situation in the post-covid period (Up to 2023) is necessary. From these analyses, the authors propose some difficulties and limitations in employment in Vietnam in 2023. From there, the authors propose some solutions to overcome limitations in employment in Vietnam. At the same time, it shows readers an overall picture of employment in Vietnam in the post-covid period.

Keywords: Job Creation, Job Creation Theory, Vietnam's Employment Situation in the Post-covid Period

Pages: 1262-1265

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