E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2024

Binding Strength of MP2D Supervision Results on Violations Committed BY PPAT

Author(s): Rizkyatus Safa'ah Aditya Putri, Fendi Setyawan, Bhim Prakoso


PPAT is an important part of the land registration system in Indonesia which has the authority to make authentic deeds. This authentic deed will be the basis for changes to land registration data. Apart from that, it also has a function as the most appropriate and complete evidence in court in this case if there has been a dispute over rights and obligations between the parties who entered into an agreement before the PPAT. MP2D is a supervisory and supervisory council that has the authority to develop and supervise PPAT, PPATS, Substitute PPAT and Special PPAT. The function of MP2D is to create a PPAT that is professional, has integrity and maintains the dignity of the PPAT. In addition, so that PPAT in carrying out its positions remains in accordance with statutory regulations and the PPAT code of ethics. The supervision carried out by BPN on PPAT is only functional, in the sense that it only provides guidance and supervision of PPAT in carrying out its positions. Supervision carried out by the Association of Land Deed Officials only applies to PPATs who are IPPAT members and has implications for the imposition of sanctions, in the sense that if the PPAT is found to have violated the PPAT Code of Ethics, it will immediately be examined and if it is proven to have violated the PPAT Code of Ethics, it will sanctions are given according to the type of violation committed.

Keywords: Binding Strength, MP2D, PPAT Violations

Pages: 1174-1180

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