E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2024

Managing Aesthetic Education Activities for 5-6 Years Old Children through Visual Arts Activities in Preschools in Vietnam

Author(s): Le Thi Quynh Trang, Nguyen Thi Hue, Nguyen Thi Luyen


In the trend of globalization and international integration, the struggle between true cultural and aesthetic values takes place very fiercely in all different forms. In absorbing, comprehending and promoting the progressive aesthetic values of humanity, there are many bad things that still creep into people's lives, significantly affecting the work of aesthetic education for children. On the other hand, aesthetic education is an important part of Marxist-Leninist aesthetics, playing an important role in the process of building a new culture in Vietnam, in which human aesthetic ability is considered a extremely important issue. In preschools, Vietnam, aesthetic education is carried out by teachers through many activities including visual arts activities. The implementation and evaluation of this educational activity is carried out through the management of leaders at all levels. In this article, we will present some issues of managing aesthetic education activities for 5-6 years old children through visual arts activities in preschools in Vietnam.

Keywords: Management, Education, Educational Management, Aesthetic Education, Visual Arts Activities

Pages: 1035-1039

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