E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

A Study about the Communication Objectives of International Media Special Reference to CRI- Sinhala Service

Author(s): Vishnu Karuthodi Jayarajan, Dasuni N Jayarathne


This present study has been conducted to identify the soft diplomacy through the eastern media in post globalized era. CRI Sinhala service has been selected as the case for the present study in order to examine the main objectives of the eastern international media’s soft diplomacy. This is a qualitative study and the CRI digital platforms such as the website and the FB page have been taken as the research samples. Over three months of period the website and the FB were examined in order to collect the data. The research findings indicated through the content analysis. As the result the current study indicated three main communication objectives which CRI Sinhala service needs to reach the international audience. Strengthen Sri Lanka – China relationship, Spread China’s cultural values and built China’s global image were indicated as three main communication objectives of the channel. Further each communication objective has taken out with several sub themes. To strengthen the China- Sri Lanka relationships CRI has been reported about development projects and positive effects, import products from Sri Lanka to China, China’s financial aids and support to Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka economy and politics from China’s perspective and China- Sri Lanka diplomatic relationship could identify as the themes. Further to spread the China’s cultural values it indicated Chinese language, Chinese food culture, aesthetics, beauty of China and customs and rituals. Further to indicate China’s global power, innovations in science and technology, new development projects in China and other countries, China’s foreign policies for the powerful countries in the world, China’s view point and support about the different conflicts in world and China’s political stability were indicated. There are few limitations in the research subject and sampling, in future that can be expanded.

Keywords: Soft Diplomacy, Communication Objectives, CRI, Communication Themes

Pages: 1512-1517

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