E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Impact of Project BANAS Materials to the Academic Performance of Learners: Basis for Enhancement Plan

Author(s): Aireen Joan D Concha, Argonne Robert A Ablanque, Pinky Pamela S Guanzon

DOI: https://doi.org/10.62225/2583049X.2024.4.1.2338


This descriptive quantitative research is a scientific inquiry which aimed to determine the level of Impact of Project BANAS Materials (a collective name of the competency-based division-initiated print and non-print resources in Social Studies) in relation to academic performance of learners. This study was conducted in the seven (7) elementary schools of District VII, Division of Bacolod City during the School Year 2022-2023. Researcher-made questionnaire used in this study was validated by three (3) experts. It has undergone reliability testing with thirty (30) respondents at Andres Bonifacio Elementary School I. Data were collected during the Second Quarter of the School Year from three hundred eighty-three (383) learners in Grades 1 to 5. Highlight of this study examined and analyzed the level of Impact of BANAS materials in terms of these four (4) areas namely: Alignment of Content, Quality of Material, Applicability, and Ease of Use. Findings showed that BANAS Materials in terms of these four (4) areas have a very high impact regardless of sex, grade level, school, and average family monthly income. Based on these findings, BANAS Materials is highly recommended to be utilized by Social Studies teachers and learners as supplementary reading and teaching materials respectively. Results further reveal that there is a need to conduct division training-workshops in the development and quality assurance of additional BANAS Materials focused on competencies not covered in the BANAS Outputs developed in the previous years. Conduct of SOK-SAY-LYMPICS Series: BANAS Quizzes, ATBP is highly recommended as sustainable initiatives aligned on Assessment and Monitoring Key Result Areas. Through Policy Recommendation, the long-term goal of this research is the Institutionalization of BANAS Learning Hub in 46 Elementary Schools in the Division of Bacolod City. Not only regular learners are the target direct beneficiaries of BANAS Print and Non-Print Materials but also Madrasah Education Program (MEP) and Special Needs Education (SNED) learners. Sustainability and successful implementation of this research-cum-innovation needs the collaboration between and among school leaders and DepEd Officials to truly realize the end goals on the need to address scarcity of localized resources, improve reading literacy across disciplines through in-depth love for one’s unique and distinct local heritage. Sequel researches are also highly recommended to done by future teacher-researchers.

Keywords: Impact, Project BANAS, Learning Materials, Academic Performance, and Learners

Pages: 1042-1045

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