E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Social Media Entrepreneur-Influencer, Mis/Disinformation and Its Effect on Purchasing Decisions of NSHS Student

Author(s): Matbatan Gio L, Justo Sofia Luise, Tomenio Kristina, Santos Joyce Ann, Suson Kathleen M, Cristobal Sannelyn Cinco, Lazaro Bryan Louis G


The conducted study entitled Social Media Entrepreneur-Influencer, Mis/Disinformation, and Its Effect on Purchasing Decisions of NSHS Student seeks to provide insights on how SMIs spread misleading information and the effects this has on consumers' purchasing decisions. SMIs have been significant players in marketing in recent years thanks to their visually appealing and humorous content, which has had a considerable impact. Furthermore, it sought to provide an understanding with the relationship of the two variables of the study. A cross-sectional research design is applied in the study to investigate the impact of Social Media Entrepreneur-Influencers and Mis/Disinformation on the purchasing decisions of NSHS. One hundred thirteen (113) respondents served as participants for the quantitative phase of the study. The respondents were selected A random sampling method will be employed to select participants, ensuring a representative sample. The inclusion criteria encompass students actively using social media platforms. Findings of the examined variables revealed that the Students in Noveleta Senior High School have a Moderate Exposure level on Social Media Influencer¸ Misinformation, And Disinformation. On the other hand, the respondents have a high level of Purchasing power. Using Pearson R- Correlation, the researcher found that there is a significant positive correlation between Social media Mis/Disinformation and Purchasing power of NSHS students.

Keywords: Social Media, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Philippines

Pages: 929-933

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