E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

AI for Business: Sellers and Consumers’ Acceptability Assessment for Chatbot Utilization in the Entrepreneurship Industry of Noveleta, Cavite

Author(s): Zabala Judmar D, Delima Edlyn Ann, Manalo Jessica, Medina William, Llenas Denielle, Oteda Jomarie, Contado Pauline, Lazaro Bryan Louis G


This study explores the attitudes of sellers and consumers in Noveleta, Cavite, towards chatbot utilization in the entrepreneurship industry. Employing an independent t-test research design, the research reveals that both sellers and consumers exhibit a cautious optimism. Sellers display mid to slightly positive attitudes, while consumers generally show openness and positivity, with specific reservations related to online business and mobility. In the e-commerce landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) significantly shapes marketing strategies. Small businesses are adapting to changing consumer behavior by implementing AI-driven tools like chatbots. The main aim is to meet customer needs efficiently, but challenges in widespread adoption persist. Insights from the study underscore the importance of tailored approaches to address specific concerns among sellers and consumers in Noveleta. Consumers express a cautious intrigue towards chatbots but harbor reservations, particularly regarding financial information. Balancing concerns with a willingness to accept automation, the study suggests that chatbots can bridge the trust gap by prioritizing transparency, human oversight, and robust security measures.Aligned with existing research, the study emphasizes the positive influence of perceived fun and trust on user acceptance of chatbots. Additionally, addressing psychological factors is crucial for successful adoption, as demonstrated by the impact of psychological readiness on perceived usefulness. Overall, the study provides nuanced insights into the dynamics of AI acceptance in the local entrepreneurship industry, guiding businesses in Noveleta towards effective implementation strategies.

Keywords: Business, Chatbot, Entrepreneurship, Cavite

Pages: 786-793

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