E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Mass Media Exposure and Political Engagement among Noveleta Electorates: A Descriptive-Correlational Study

Author(s): Villa Francine Rhayne C, Buena Rose Mae, Justo Nathaniel D, Makasiar Joshua L, Lazaro Bryan Louis G


This study investigates the correlation between mass media exposure and the political engagement of electorates in Noveleta, Cavite. The research objectives encompassed exploring diverse forms of mass media impact on political engagement and assessing levels of political participation, interest, and efficacy. Findings reveal a moderate overall level of political engagement, with a notable prominence of print media and digital platforms, reflecting the evolving media landscape.

Correlation analysis establishes significant associations between political efficacy, political interest, and digital media, indicating their interconnected role in shaping political engagement. However, political participation exhibited nuanced relationships, lacking substantial correlation with other variables. Notably, print media emerged as a pivotal factor, demonstrating correlations with key political engagement dimensions, particularly political interest, and efficacy. This underscores the enduring influence of traditional media formats in the digital era.

These insights have implications for policymakers, media professionals, and educators, highlighting the need for nuanced strategies that leverage both traditional and digital platforms. The study contributes to an in-depth explanation of the dynamic interplay between media exposure and political engagement, emphasizing the enduring significance of print media in shaping an informed and active citizenry. As media landscapes continue to evolve, these findings provide valuable guidance for fostering effective political communication and citizen participation.

Keywords: Media, Political Engagement, Electorate, Philippines

Pages: 766-771

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