E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Role of Mental Health in Life Skill Education: Its Impact in the Present Scenario

Author(s): Manami Bhadra, Rajarshi Chakravarty


Mental health is a necessary condition of good adjustment and vice-versa. When a person is mentally healthy, there is a little likelihood of serious maladjustment. Mental health is basically the key through which individual can enter into the chamber of happiness and wholesome adjustment. Wellness is dependent on the adequate coordination of physical and psychological health. Current new normal situation is creating a new arena in front of us and hence adjustment to such lifestyles is also a new task for everybody. Achieving proper mental health is reliant on the fulfillment and possession of some basic criteria like integration of thoughts, positive healthy feelings, development of healthy self-concept etc. Entire population is affected by this pandemic but the nature of consequence is to some extent different for the adolescent subsample. Sudden changes in daily life styles make them more prone towards internet usage, substance abuse. Grief, depression, anxiety are now companion of their journey to existence. Life is not static, so intervention strategies and probable coping up processes are also there. Psychologists and Sociologists have suggested some probable pathways for achieving the homeostasis in the frame of mental health. Problems and remedial measures are just the opposite of the same coin, name life cycle and it is our duty to help the individual who is out of such healthy track so that at the end positive fragrance of life can be achieved by them.

Keywords: Mental Health, Adolescence, Pandemic, Coping Strategies

Pages: 493-498

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