E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Striking the Balance of Academic and Sports: The Experiences of Philippine Student-Eskrimador

Author(s): Abapo Kharl P, Cristobal Kurt John T, Pable Kint Jushwa V, Segovia Daniel Angelo D, Sintos Nelmar L, Tabada Paul Kerby C, Nepangue Jorjie, Silorio Zeus G


The experiences during the student-athlete’s formative years significantly shape their self-perception as either students or athletes. As they advance in their academic pursuits and move into higher academic levels, they often come to understand that their sense of self is closely linked with their involvement in athletics. This descriptive phenomenological study delves into the experiences of six student-athletes from the Philippine National Arnis Team (PNAT) in various Philippine universities. Employing Colaizzi’s phenomenological approach, four key themes emerged. The findings reveal that PNAT student-athletes adeptly navigate their priorities, time, and decisions to surmount individual challenges. Notably, an invaluable network of familial, social, educational, and communal support acts as a driving force. The demanding equilibrium between rigorous athletic training, academic pursuits, and personal hurdles necessitates a reservoir of resilience, cultivating enduring attributes of determination and adaptability. This steadfast commitment yields commendable accomplishments. Nonetheless, the study highlights the imperative requirement for external motivation and positive reinforcement, particularly from academic institutions. Recommendations advocate for granting student-athletes the due recognition in both academic and extracurricular domains, enabling a harmonized pursuit of their dual roles. The research stands as a testament to the distinctive trials confronted by PNAT student-athletes and underscores the pivotal role of comprehensive institutional support in fostering their roles as both scholars and athletes, affirming the vital symbiosis between academic and athletic pursuits in their development and success.

Keywords: Philippine National Arnis Team (PNAT), Achievements and Outcomes, Personal Attributes, External Factors

Pages: 411-418

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