E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Growth of Cocoa Seedlings (Theobroma cacao L.) on Post-Coal Mining Soils Plus Zeolite

Author(s): Ida Nursanti, Hayata, Jacky Chandra Saragih


It is possible that the development of cocoa plants can be carried out on post-coal mining land. The main problem with post-coal mining land is that it is barren, dense and unvegetated, making it susceptible to erosion. One material that can be used to improve land is by adding zeolite. The research aims to determine the growth of cocoa seedlings (Theobroma cacao L.) when zeolite is applied to post-coal mining soil in polybags. The research was carried out in an experimental garden located in Pijoan Village, Batang Hari Regency, Jambi and soil analysis was carried out in the Laboratory. The design used in this research used a one-factor Completely Randomized Design (RAL), giving zeolite to post-coal mining soil 4 kg polybag-1 with treatment levels K0 = 0g zeolite, K1 = 50 g zeolite, K2 = 100 g zeolite, K3 = 150 g zeolite. Observation; plant height (cm), stem diameter (mm), plant dry weight (g), root dry weight (g). Soil analysis; Available-P, total-N, organic-C, H2O pH, and soil structure. Data were analyzed statistically using analysis of variance. If the analysis of variance showed a real effect, it was continued with the DNMRT test at the α level of 5%. Research results: (1) Zeolite has no real influence on the height of cocoa plants. (2) Zeolite has a real influence on stem diameter, dry weight of cocoa plants and dry weight of roots. (3) Stem diameter growth in K3 increased by 18.06% compared to K0, plant dry weight t in K3 increased by 25.81% compared to K0, root dry weight in K3 increased by 42.46% when compared to K0.

Keywords: Post-Coal Mining Soil, Zeolite, Cocoa Seeds

Pages: 403-406

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