E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Analysis Quality Level of Freshness and Damage Physical Sea Fish in Traditional Markets Pucung, Depok City

Author(s): Evi Liviawaty, Nursahbani Komarudin, Pramudya Kenny, Ulvia, Syahla Hanifah, Satria Putra Gusfian


Fish can interpreted as fast commodity _ experience putrefaction, so needed fast and precise handling. _ Traditional market Pucung become one of the markets that provides various type need material food like sea fish. Research purposes this is for analyze level freshness and damage physical sea fish sold in traditional markets Pucung, Depok City through organoleptic tests. Research methods this apply approach in a way qualitative with use method studies case and followed with survey method. Testing freshness of sea fish in research this using organoleptic tests for evaluate quality quality and damage physical fish sold through four stages. Organoleptic test results on mackerel fish, tuna fish, snapper fish, tuna fish, skipjack fish, shrimp, squid and pomfret Fish Sea on view eyes and texture is at a score of 5. Organoleptic test results gills in mackerel, tuna, skipjack and squid found at a score of 5. Gills in tuna and snapper, shrimp and pomfret sea found at score 7. Organoleptic test results odor in mackerel, tuna and shrimp found at a score of 5. Snapper, tuna, skipjack, and pomfret sea found at score 3. Research conclusions this that is quality level freshness in research this through organoleptic tests obtained dominant at a score of 5 which means outline _ _ Not yet in accordance with provisions of SNI 2729:2013, where the minimum assessment limit is a score of 7.

Keywords: Fish, Fish Freshness, Physical Damage, Organoleptic Tests

Pages: 319-322

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