E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Lived Experiences of Elementary School Teachers of Catanauan II District in the Implementation of Modular Distance Learning (MDL) in the New Normal

Author(s): Allan A Talain, Rebie A Marciano, Joana E Rodas


This study investigated the lived experiences of public elementary school teachers in the implementation of Modular Distance Learning in the new normal. The study employed qualitative research, particularly phenomenology. It was conducted in Catanauan II District involving six participants who were purposively chosen. Using thematic analysis, the data obtained through validated self-devised semi-structured interview guide were transcribed, analyzed, and interpreted. In congruence, cool and warm analyses were also employed in the treatment of data. The findings revealed that the success of the implementation of Modular Distance Learning is associated to the actions taken by public elementary school teachers, which are based on how they distribute and retrieve self-learning modules, assess learners’ progress, employ feedback mechanisms, and utilize intervention strategies. In conjunction, these actions include assignment of parent leaders, designation of drop off points, utilization of feedback mechanism strategies, and intervention programs. Meanwhile, findings concurred that the issues and challenges are inevitable; for, teachers encountered some common problems regarding the actions they have taken. Conversely, maintaining a positive well-being, practicing being resilient, improving time management skills, and intensifying collaboration were the effective coping mechanisms that helped teachers adjust with the challenges they encountered. Based on the results of the study, an enhanced action plan was developed as a framework among public elementary school teachers in improving the implementation of Modular Distance Learning in the new normal. Similarly, this plan focuses on the actions to be taken regarding distribution and retrieval of self-learning modules, assessment of learning, feedback mechanisms, and intervention strategies.

Keywords: Lived Experiences, Public Elementary School Teachers, Modular Distance Learning (MDL), New Normal

Pages: 151-158

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