E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

“Voices of Educators”: Navigating the Experiences of Physical Education Student Interns in Mainstream Classroom

Author(s): Anne Dorothy B Ugsang, Adeline Mae O Batiancila, Cindy O Faballa, Garron A Camilo, Jeric E Mejares, Jessa Micole M Zata, Keisha Mae A Aloyan, Jorjie U Nepangue


In the dynamic education landscape, integrating physical education gains prominence, requiring physical educators to adapt within mainstream classrooms. This research delved into the realm of physical education within the mainstream classroom, investigated the lived experiences of educators who have navigated the challenges and opportunities in this ever-evolving landscape. This study employed a descriptive phenomenological qualitative research design to provide an in-depth understanding of the experiences of PE teaching interns. A total of seven Physical Education student interns from Cebu Normal University participated in this study which achieved data saturation. Anchored in Colaizzi's phenomenological approach and influenced by various philosophies, the data underwent analysis and were presented through a three-prong clustering. The results revealed that Physical Education student interns experienced challenges yet opened an avenue to hone their creativeness in innovating strategies, and new opportunities in mainstream teaching. These insights lay the groundwork for improving teacher training, supporting inclusive education, and promoting a holistic PE approach in mainstream settings. It is recommended that Physical Education student interns partake in additional training, specifically focusing on adaptive teaching strategies tailored for mainstream environments. Improving the availability of facilities and equipment designed to enhance the pedagogical and inclusive capabilities of PE teachers in mainstream settings is also essential, ensuring that interns are well-prepared to address the needs of students with varying learning styles.

Keywords: Voices of Educators, Experiences, Physical Education, Student Interns, Mainstream Classroom, Inclusive Education

Pages: 29-40

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