E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2024

Tracking the Employability and Career Trajectories of Bachelor of Physical Education Alumni: A Graduate Tracer Study

Author(s): Aldyne D Sano, Shane Marie Asejo, Marian Nichole Bayon-on, Reysa Marie Cayasan, Abegail Fernandez, Kayelene Mae Manlangit, Reginald Teves, Jorjie U Nepangue


Higher education institutions are expected to offer employability skills and capabilities that potential employers would find desirable. This descriptive-quantitative study traced the alumni of the Bachelor of Physical Education program. This described the graduates in terms of their demographic profile, licensure examination, and employment status. Moreover, this also assessed the graduates’ satisfaction with their present profession, the extent of program learning competencies, adequacy and applicability of the program in their present employment, and learning resources in the university. The online survey form was completed by 105 graduates. Results revealed that the majority of the graduates are now working as a teacher in private institutions and are satisfied with their present profession. Their education and gained skills are extremely relevant to their current work. They thoroughly examined all of the competencies they learned at Cebu Normal University and confirmed that the program outcomes were appropriate and relevant. These graduates proposed that the University construct more activity centers, which are necessary for teaching Physical Education. It is also suggested that future research should study the experiences of the graduates, particularly those teachers who teach elementary and junior high school with a MAPEH subject as they are only experts in Physical Education. It is also advised to investigate the causes for those graduates who picked a path unrelated to their field of competence.

Keywords: Bachelor of Physical Education, Descriptive Research, Graduate Tracers Study, Employability, Teacher Education

Pages: 12-17

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