E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

The Difference between Treatments of Common Worm Infestation Associated Anemia in Iraqi Children

Author(s): Abbas Zaki Mahdi, Jawad Hameed Hasan, Mohammad Ali Kareem, Fatma Abd Alhamza Obed



The helminthic parasite Enterobius vermicularis causes enterobiasis, and ascaris an infection of the digestive tract, that more common in children than in adults. The current study aims to investigate the prevalence of both infection among children in Baghdad City with different treatment trial that improve Hb &Choosing which treatment is best.

Material & Methods:

A cross-sectional, statistical study involved the participation of 56 youngsters, ranging in age from six to twelve years. The participants underwent the collection of their cellophane tape samples, stool examinations, and blood samples. The blood samples were subjected to analysis using an auto-analyzer, while microscopy techniques were employed to study the cellophane tape and feces samples. The study involved the categorization of children afflicted with worm infestation into three distinct groups in order to evaluate and choose the most effective treatment option.


Overall, 21.2 percent of people were infected with E. vermicularis; 1.4 with ascaris this percentage was somewhat (P = 0.371) higher among females (17percent) than males (14.2%) and 1.4% ascaris infection. Infected children had considerably lower mean blood Hb.no significant change in Hb level in first 2 groups, but the correlations between improvement of anemia prevalence in third group after the MMS + Deworming trial were both statistically significant (p 0.001).


No significant difference in Hb level by treatment with albendazol, iron and folic acid. While treatment with MMS+ Abendazol give better results.

Keywords: Baghdad City, Hemoglobin, Enterobiasis, Ascariasis, Albendazol, Multiple Micronutrient Supplement

Pages: 1529-1533

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