E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

The Effect of Adding Carrageenan Flour Eucheuma cottonii on the Level of Preference of Yellowtail Fish Otak-Otak

Author(s): Evi Liviawaty, Nabilla Zalfa Shafira, Inas Maya Tamimah Hanun, Melisa Aditya Chandra


Otak-otak is a processed product that is well known to the public. The fish used in making otak-otak are generally sea fish. Carrageenan has now become a commonly used and popular ingredient in food processing, but its use in making otak-otak is still limited. This research aims to improve the quality of yellowtail fish otak-otak by adding carrageenan flour because carrageenan has gel properties which can improve the characteristics of fish otak-otak, including texture, aroma, taste and appearance. The main raw materials used are yellowtail fish and tapioca flour, with variations in the addition of carrageenan flour as a treatment with different concentrations consisting of treatments A(0%), B(0,5%), C(1%) and D(1,5%). The data collection method involves subjective assessment in the form of sensory tests by semi-trained panelists, who assess the aroma, taste, appearance and texture of the otak-otak. The level of liking is measured on a scale from very like to very dislike. The results of the analysis using the Friedman test showed that the highest level of taste preference was found in treatment D with the addition of 1,5% carrageenan flour, namely 6,6, the highest level of taste preference was achieved in the same treatment, namely 7,2. The treatment with the addition of 0,5% carrageenan flour obtained the highest appearance rating, namely 7,1, while the highest level of texture preference was achieved in a similar treatment of 6,7. This research contributes to understanding how the addition of carrageenan can improve the quality of yellowtail fish otak-otak, with the finding that.

Keywords: Otak-Otak, Carrageenan Flour, Organoleptic Test, Yellowtail Fish

Pages: 1298-1301

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