E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Correlational Study on Teacher Instructional Styles and Classroom Engagement among Grade 9 Students: Unveiling Impact and Insights

Author(s): Ma. Nita V Bolo, Fermdi Maxel S Mancao, Emmet Adrian A Despi, Gwyneth Neca Angel C Nemenzo, Lhey Marie A Pedros, Jamaica A Pepito, Miguel Evan B Peque, Princess Ashley E Sandoval


Inside the classroom, teachers have a significant impact on the lives of their students. A teacher’s instructional style is closely linked to the success or failure of students. This is directly influenced by the teaching methods employed during instruction. In turn, the teaching styles become integral to effectively delivering the educational content. A descriptive correlational method was adopted. Survey Questionnaires was utilized with 165 Grade 9 students as the respondent of this study. Results were computed using the mean and T-test. The mean scores indicated a significant difference in the impact of teachers’ instructional styles on students’ classroom engagement when grouped according to sex. There was no significant difference in the other teacher’s instructional styles, such as demonstrator and facilitator. Only one section of SCM shows a moderate impact on the Facilitator's teaching strategy. Overall, the impact of instructional styles has a higher impact on classroom engagement from the four different teaching strategies. The role of the teacher’s instructional styles, which are the lecturer, demonstrator, facilitator, and delegator, in the Grade 9 students' classroom engagement in CST-R as a whole and when they are grouped according to sex and section is high. Future research could build upon the current discoveries by incorporating the gender of the teacher as the variable of significance. The findings will serve as baseline data for implementing an effective instructional style. Interventions such as a Monitoring system help teachers determine when, what, and how to adjust or use a specific strategy to suit the student’s learning preferences better.

Keywords: Education, Teacher's Instructional Style, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Pages: 1205-1210

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