E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Lingaw-Sadya Festival: A Celebration of Success and Thanksgiving in Balamban, Cebu

Author(s): Keziah Marie S Tagpuno, Geneva Faye R Igot, Alexis Purisima, Danielle Fajardo, Drew Maevin G Otadoy, John Romar A Santerva, Jorjie Nepangue


The Lingaw-Sadya Festival has had no written documentation of its history until today. Clarity will also be needed concerning the festival dance category and the exact date when it should be performed and celebrated. The term Lingaw-Sadya was a combination of two Cebuano words: “Lingaw'', meaning fun, and “Sadya,” meaning happiness. The primary objective of this design was to document the Lingaw-Sadya Festival. The researcher utilized a descriptive-qualitative research design. The study was attended by ten prospective Balambanganons coming from the local government unit, tourism, choreographers, and dancers. Purposive snowball sampling was utilized in choosing these participants. The results revealed that the Lingaw-Sadya festival commemorates the achievements of Balambanganons. The concept of the festival differs each year; it showcases everything to tourist spots in Balamban that give pride to their municipality. The dance was a free interpretation along with their five basic steps: Panaghiusa, Pag-Ampo, Pasalamat, Hudyaka, and Lingaw-Sadya. Seminar workshops on the nature and proper execution of the basic steps are necessary, especially for the Balamanganons and the new generation of choreographers or dance artists. It is recommended to disseminate this dance literature for valid reference to all the schools and barangays for Balambanganons to be fully aware of what the Lingaw-Sadya festival is and how the basic steps are properly executed. Keywords; Festival, Lingaw-Sadya Festival, Documentation, Creativity and Uniqueness, Tourism.

Keywords: Festival, Lingaw-Sadya Festival, Documentation, Creativity, Uniqueness, Tourism

Pages: 1040-1046

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