E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Dula-Dula sa Haya: A Documentation of the Kulilising Hari Wake Practice in Cebu, Philippines

Author(s): Christine Agnes D Guisadio, Tristan P Soqueno, Kharen M Brua, Eva Mae C Daguplo, Joel Japheth A Guion, Jikke Paolo B Minoza, John Michael Nino C Tomas, Jorjie U Nepangue


So little information has been available concerning the traditional wake practices in Cebu, mainly due to the emergence of modern alternatives. One of these is the Kulilising Hari, which is rarely or never practiced anymore. This study aimed to document the nature, background, benefits, and the process of the kulilising hari wake practice in Cebu, Philippines. For this research, the researchers purposively selected five key informants residing in Capitol, Cebu, where the observance of kulilising hari has been noted. Employing a descriptive analysis approach, the study involved extracting insights from the informants' personal viewpoints, which detailed specific incidents or experiences, the individuals involved, and the settings. The findings highlighted that the Kulilising Hari practice mirrors the wake customs of the post-colonial Cebu, a period when alternative means of keeping people engaged during wakes were quite limited. Additionally, the Kulilising Hari serves as an extraordinary showcase of the Cebuanos' exceptional talent for spontaneously composing poetic verses. As a result, the researchers recommended the integration of kulilising hari into the curriculum for subjects such as Literature, Philippine History or Drama, emphasizing its role within Cebu's Folk Theatrical tradition. Furthermore, the researchers propose distributing copies of the kulilising hari literature to educational institutions and cultural offices to promote broader awareness. To further enrich this research, future investigations could delve into the origins of the Kulilising Hari, explore the beginnings of this tradition, as well as the lived experiences of those who participated in this wake practice.

Keywords: Kulilising Hari, Wake Practices, Theatrical Play, Documentation, Culture and Arts

Pages: 1031-1036

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