E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

The 3Ps Model in Teaching Philippine Traditional Games

Author(s): Agbay Marie Louise G, Bontigao Nina Vera, Cubol Charley Marie M, Dubduban Kryslyn B, Librea Diane B, Pastoriza Arianne F, Tagpuno Rigel Ana M, Villahermosa Stephany R, Nepangue Jorjie


The integration of Philippine traditional games, locally known as "Laro ng Lahi," has been strongly advised into school programs and physical activities in the K-12 P.E Curriculum since these games have always been an integral part of Filipino children's lives, embodying recreational and cultural significance, values, and skills development. The research employs a qualitative-descriptive approach to examine the viability and benefits of incorporating Philippine traditional games into Physical Education. The study seeks to understand how these games were taught, their relevance in modern education, and their significance in the curriculum. In total, six physical educators from various schools in Balamban took part in the study, which reached data saturation. Through Braun and Clarke's thematic analysis, the data were evaluated and presented in key themes, the 3Ps; Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Past Experiences Integration, and Promote Holistic Development. The results revealed that integrating Philippine traditional games in the K–12 curriculum offers an opportunity to improve education. It is recommended that traditional games should be permanently integrated into the curriculum as a valuable opportunity to enrich education through various means, such as inclusion in modules, lesson plans, and involvement in various activities in school to influence the teaching-learning process as it improves holistic features greatly and making it culturally enriching for both teachers and students.

Keywords: Traditional Games in the Philippines, Curriculum, Integration, Holistic Development, Physical Education

Pages: 1012-1017

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