E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Immortality Through the Lens of Artistry: The Case of Nude Artists in Cebu, Philippines

Author(s): John Andrew G Pescante, Nerl Nathanielle A Cutara, Jefnil T Castro, Reniel A Calzado Jr, Johnn William C Pastor, Ritchie Z Ysulan, John Joshua Redeemer D Enate, Jorjie Nepangue


Nudity in art has been frequently labeled as an immoral act. Four cases of Nude Artists living in Cebu, Philippines, were investigated to learn about their perspectives and principles upon sketching the nudes. Cross-case analysis was used to analyze the data acquired through semi-structured interviews. The thorough investigation revealed the three highlights of the cases being investigated, namely, the Meaning of Nude Artistry, the Reasons for Engagement, and the Benefits of Nude Artistry for the nude artists. It is concluded that nude artistry is a form of art, thus it is not immoral. It has an educational dimension to it, and it fosters self-confidence and mental stability, specifically for nude artists. Additionally, it is recommended that nude artistry be integrated as part of the classroom instructional planning in the Philippine curricula, specifically in MAPEH. Also, workshops and seminars must be held to ensure a wider eradication of misconceptions and reduce inequalities as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. Copies of this study should be sent to educational institutions and cultural agencies. Moreover, for future research, it is recommended to research the limitations of artistic freedom in depicting the naked body and study the nude artists' awareness level in terms of human anatomy and physiology.

Keywords: Case Study, Nude Artistry, Immortality, Art Form, Human Anatomy

Pages: 861-871

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