E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

The Quillbot Involvement and Paraphrasing Skills among Pre-Service English Teachers of Cebu Normal University

Author(s): Magalso Marianne Michelle O, Abasia Jaquia M, Armenion Chammie M, Baunsit Hailie Jade, Cruz Alyssa Mae R, Galeon Kirsten Abigail J, Ocao Samantha Rizelle Anne M, Serna Joselle Mark T, Villagonzalo Krisha Joyce T, Nepangue Jorjie U


Paraphrasing is a crucial writing skill that allows learners to deconstruct text and comprehend its meaning. Recent research has identified paraphrasing as a challenging skill for second language learners. As a solution, they opt to use an online paraphrasing tool called Quillbot. Quillbot is a piece of technology software that automates the process of rewriting text. Therefore, this descriptive quantitative study aims to describe the levels of involvement of Quillbot and students' proficiency in paraphrasing skills within the Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English program at Cebu Normal University - Main Campus. The researchers used two standardized questionnaires, one from a study by Michela Sandra Arizina & Dina Merris Mayasari (2021) [2] to measure Quillbot involvement and another created by Eto (2022) [8] to evaluate paraphrasing skills. These questionnaires were administered to sixty second-year English major students selected through Stratified Random Sampling. The researchers used descriptive analysis to analyze the data. Results indicate that the second-year English major students were ‘Involved’ in Quillbot as an A.I. paraphrasing tool and also revealed their level of paraphrasing skills, garnering ‘Excellent’ remarks. The results of this study imply that integrating Quillbot could be advantageous in enhancing the paraphrasing abilities of second language learners. In acknowledgment of the study's limitations, recommendations based on the results were also addressed.

Keywords: Pre-Service Teachers, English Teachers, Paraphrasing Skills, Quillbot Involvement

Pages: 813-817

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