E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Enhance Social Enterprise Activities Towards Sustainable Development

Author(s): Le Thi Huong Chi


Social enterprise is a type of business that has been growing strongly in recent years. Currently, social enterprises exist in many different organizational forms and legal statuses such as non-profit organizations, charities, cooperatives, and operate in diverse fields such as education. Training, health care, handicrafts, community traditions, agriculture, environmental protection. Thereby, social enterprises have contributed to supporting the Government in solving hunger eradication issues. Poverty reduction, support and capacity building for disadvantaged groups, nature conservation, environmental protection, and response to climate change. Social enterprises also operate quite effectively in the field of vocational skills training for children from poor families, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities. Creating stable, income-generating jobs for them. Relatively high in general social conditions. More and more businesses are realizing that investing in a way that protects the environment and promotes social efficiency is not only an act of kindness and charity but also demonstrates good business savvy. Businesses that balance their social mission with profitability have a direct and lasting impact on the communities in which they operate and can create the value needed to grow their business and increase their impact. Their society. However, the reality is that social enterprises are currently facing many difficulties, such as lack of capital and weak access to financial resources, weak management capacity and lack of services. Support and capacity building. Even communication and brand development for social enterprises face many difficulties due to limited community awareness of this type of business. This article studies the theory of social enterprises, the characteristics of social enterprise approaches towards sustainable development, the current state of social enterprises' operations and from there proposes solutions to improve their operations of social enterprises towards sustainable development in the coming time.

Keywords: Social Enterprise, Sustainable Development, Not for Profit

Pages: 650-654

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