E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Benefits and Difficulties When Developing Green Industrial Parks in Vietnam

Author(s): Nguyen Thi Thu Le


Vietnam is at the gateway of development with much potential to reach further in the world map. However, developing Vietnam's industrial parks needs to look at lessons from other countries in the region and around the world to avoid falling into the same trap and consider green factors as a necessary condition for development. industrial area. Currently, there are many industrial real estate developers focusing on environmental factors. When traditional "input" factors such as cheap labor and abundant resources are no longer strengths, Vietnam is accelerating adjustment and re-planning of industrial parks towards greening and economic development. Circular economy, attracting high-tech industries, etc. to bring about higher and more sustainable economic efficiency. First, the green model will help businesses control and maintain technical systems in industrial parks. The trend of developing sustainable industrial parks or green industrial parks is becoming clearer than ever. This is an inevitable development trend of the industry and a competitive advantage for industrial park developers that meet the above standards. This article aims to achieve three specific goals: (i) Systematize the theoretical basis of green industrial parks; (ii) Assess benefits and difficulties in implementing green industrial park development; (iii) Propose some recommendations to promote the development of green industrial parks in the future.

Keywords: Industrial Park, Green Industrial Park, Benefit, Hard

Pages: 593-597

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