E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Business Performance of Enterprises is Associated with Green Growth in Vietnam

Author(s): Do Thi Duyen


The rapid development of the world economy in the past few decades, along with the increase in world population, has brought serious consequences to the living environment. Climate change, resource depletion, natural ecosystem decline... are urgent problems that threaten the survival of humanity. In that context, the concept of "green growth" is a new approach trend in economic growth - widely recognized by economic experts, environmental experts, leaders of developed countries and international organizations. affirmed that it will be a salvation for the world and an inevitable trend for economic development in the 21st century. In Vietnam, although green growth has been applied by many businesses, it has not yet become a trend, due to its limited reach. The importance of green growth has not really been emphasized compared to promoting economic growth. Meanwhile, businesses are considered one of the key factors for the sustainable development of the economy. Through the application of science and technology, self-improvement of enterprises' production activities towards greening and investment in green projects in the community, "green businesses" will make an important contribution to improving living environment quality as well as economic growth in the present and future. Besides, in the trend of globalization, businesses' efforts towards going green, minimizing negative impacts on the environment and society, bring many benefits to businesses in attracting customers and retain investors, because green consumption and green investment are gradually becoming investment habits and trends. However, in reality, businesses are still cautious about investing in green and clean technology. This article studies theories of green growth, criteria for evaluating green growth, business performance of businesses associated with green growth, and some typical businesses in business activities associated with green growth and from there make a number of recommendations for the government to achieve the goal of green economic growth.

Keywords: Green Growth, Economic Efficiency, Businesses, Criteria for Evaluating Green Growth

Pages: 422-426

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