E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

An Examination on the Relationship between Employees’ Recruitment Process and the Performance of Third-Party Logistics Companies

Author(s): Ofor Darlington Nnabugo, Osi S Akpoghomeh, Dr. Gift Okeah Chukwu


This study, therefore, is poised to examine the relationship between employees’ recruitment process and the performance of third-party logistics. Data for the study were sourced from both primary and secondary sources. Questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. The study population comprises of thirty-five (35) maritime Third-Party Logistics companies. 300 questionnaire were distributed and 273 were correctly filled and retrieved. The Spearman Correlation statistics was used in analyzing the empirical data. The result shows the correlation value is 0.955. This means that there is a strong positive relationship between recruitment process and third-party logistics in the study area. Given the decision rule, since the P-value < the critical P-value of 0.01, it means that there is a statistically significant relationship between recruitment process and third-party logistics. Favouritism affects the quality of operations of third-party logistics companies in Nigeria. Hence this study concludes that avoiding favouritism in their recruitment process, is required for an effective and efficient operations of third-party logistics firms in Nigeria. Based on the results of findings, the following recommendations were made: Third party logistics companies should ensure through their Human Resources departments that favouritism is expunged from their recruitment process. Third party logistics companies should ensure proper job descriptions in every aspect of their operations.

Keywords: Employees' Relationship, Recruitment Process, Performance, Third-Party Logistics, Favouritism

Pages: 331-336

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