E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Cognitive Connections: Integrating Psychology and Education

Author(s): Nwankwo Chigozie Gerald, Oladoye Obaloluwa John, Oyedele Modupe, Idogun Mobolaji Oreoluwa, Ugwu Rita Ujunwa, Adewale Oluwadamilola Toyin, Adebayo Oluwatosin, Ani Louisa Anurika, Ani Valentine Okwu Chukwu, James Oguwike Okpara, Darlington C Onwuha, Adewale Olatunji Marvellous, Nweke Edunna Daniel, Johnson Tosin Patience, Ajuzie Esther Chinonyerem, Chigozie Favour Maduoma, Augustine Jessica Amarachi


In an era marked by growing interest in the optimization of learning and instructional methodologies, we delve into the pivotal role of psychological insights in reshaping educational practices and outcomes. The integration of psychology and education is a dynamic and transformative approach to enhancing the teaching and learning experience. By merging the principles of cognitive psychology with the strategies of pedagogy, educators gain valuable insights into how individuals acquire, process, and retain knowledge. This, in turn, enables the development of tailored curricula and teaching methods that cater to diverse learning styles, thereby maximizing educational effectiveness. This review elucidates the contemporary relevance of this integration, emphasizing its potential to address pressing issues such as learning disabilities, student motivation, and the digital age's impact on education. Furthermore, the review underscores the importance of teacher training and professional development in this context, empowering educators to apply psychological principles effectively in the classroom. In conclusion, the seamless interplay between psychology and education offers a promising avenue to create a more holistic, adaptable, and equitable educational system. This integration is a call to action for educators, psychologists, and policymakers to collaborate and pave the way for cognitive connections that empower students to achieve their full potential.

Keywords: Psychology, Education, Learning, Cognitive Psychology, Pedagogy Instructional Methodology

Pages: 303-307

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