E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Analysis of Integrated Factors Affecting Rural Children Enrolment into Schools: Nigeria in Perspective

Author(s): Anthonia Omeneke Ohieku, Nana Shaibu


From time to time, the government of Nigeria at different levels has looked into some socio-economic programmes and their implementation procedures towards increasing the enrolment capacity of school children in rural communities. It was however realistically noted that there are some serious impending factors with the potential to affect the efforts made by the governments and other concerned stakeholders. Strategic resolution of some constricted factors affecting enrolment and subsequent educational growth must be prioritized. There have been different kinds of efforts made by the governments towards improving children’s educational enrolment in developing countries. For example, policies are being changed occasionally for increasing the educational attainment of children but some strategic problems need to be addressed to reduce the burden of poor performances of policy actions. Thus, in this paper, the impact of community stakeholders and government sensitization, free tuition fees and parental decisions on the enrolment of children in school are being investigated. These elements were found to largely influence the enrolment of children in schools in rural areas. Concerning sensitization, it was observed that the deprived orientation of parents and children by the key stakeholders greatly impacts children’s enrolment into primary schools in rural areas. For the inhabitants of rural areas, the total expenditures on the enrolment of school children have the potential to affect the enrolment of school children, especially for children from poor backgrounds. Parental influence in the form of negative decisions was also found to be another major factor affecting school children’s enrolment in rural areas. A critical observation revealed that the factors studied herein have a more negative influence on households living below the poverty line.

Keywords: Rural Area, Education, Poverty, Social Factor

Pages: 257-261

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