E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 6, 2023

Accountability and Performance of Kabale District Local Government, Uganda

Author(s): Gad Byomuhangi, Patience Tugume


Poor accountability by local governments in Uganda has been reported overtime. The study examined the relationship between accountability and performance of Kabale District Local Government. Specifically, the study assessed the relationship between accountability in terms of financial, administrative and political accountability and district performance. A cross-sectional research design using quantitative and qualitative approaches was used. The study targeted 750 respondents who involved 100 administrative staff, 50 political leaders, and 600 clients visiting Kabale District Local Government (KDLG) from where a sample size of 254 respondents was selected using simple random sampling technique with the help of the questionnaire as the data collection instrument. There was a positive relationship between financial, administrative and political accountability and performance of Kabale district local government (r=0.409, 0.227, and 0.584, P=0.000) respectively. Financial accountability has helped to achieve the district goals, minimized costs and increased profitability, KDLG produces accurate financial reports for the benefit of its stakeholders and frequently produces cash flow statements to show the organization’s projected cash inflows and outflows. Political leaders in KDLG work with anti-corruption agencies to ensure smooth running of its daily activities, play a big role in running district activities, participate in community mobilization for government programs and commissioning of government projects as well as oversee all activities and programs with government funding. Based on the study findings, the researcher recommends that there should be more citizen participation approaches in the management and accountability of district funds and resources in order to apprehend defaulters and corrupt officials.

Keywords: Financial Accountability, Administrative Accountability, Political Accountability and Performance

Pages: 9-14

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