E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 5, 2023

Quality Experience in Agritourism Destinations

Author(s): Pham Thi Thuy Van, Le Thi Hai Ha, Doan To Nhu


Ecotourism has become a key economic sector in our country. It is known as the "smokeless industry" or "the goose that lays golden eggs". Rural tourism development in Hanoi is also based on three main pillars, which are the economy, ecological environment, and social environment, while also linking the development of the potential and advantages of craft village agriculture to bringing income and benefits to parties involved in tourism development activities, contributing to improving the material and spiritual lives of rural residents, and building a new rural area of solidarity and rich cultural identity regionalization (Nguyen, 2023) [10]. The main objective of this study was to identify, evaluate, and measure the attributes of the quality experience in agritourism destinations in Hanoi, Vietnam. The study was based on a field survey using a semi-structured questionnaire with a sample of 1,000 customers. But only 886 filled-out questionnaires were satisfactory and therefore included in the analysis. By using several statistical analytical tools, i.e., descriptive statistics and Cronbach’s alpha analysis, the study has identified and measured ten (10) attributes of the quality experience in agritourism destinations in Hanoi, Vietnam, that have great effects on customers. Based on the findings, some recommendations are given for tourist firms, agritourism destinations, and the Department of Tourism Hanoi to improve the quality of the experience in agritourism destinations in Hanoi city.

Keywords: Quality Experience, Agritourism Destinations, Tourist, Business Administration, Hanoi

Pages: 1458-1462

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