E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 5, 2023

Industrial Revolution 4.0 with Training and Development of Human Resources in the Finance-Banking Industry in Vietnam Now

Author(s): Thi Thu Giang Ngo


The 4.0 industrial revolution has truly posed many challenges and opportunities for countries around the world. Vietnam is entering a period of deep and comprehensive international economic integration. In that context, training and developing high-quality human resources play an extremely important role. In particular, the finance and banking industry is considered the lifeblood of the national economy. Therefore, improving the quality of training and developing human resources in the banking and finance industry is an issue that needs special attention. In fact, human resources in the finance and banking industry in Vietnam are facing many difficulties, especially the shortage of personnel capable of analyzing and being proficient in digital technology programs. Vietnam in general and universities training in economics, finance, and banking need to seize opportunities, learn, and change to respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities to train human resources in finance. Quality bank for the sustainable development of the economy. The article uses a qualitative research method. Based on analyzing the current situation and evaluating the causes of the problems, the authors make a number of recommendations to develop human resource training in the finance and banking sectors in Vietnam in the context of integration.

Keywords: Human Resources, Finance and Banking, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Economic Integration

Pages: 1221-1226

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