E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 5, 2023

Feasibility Analysis of Indonesian History Textbook Curriculum 2013 for High School Grade X

Author(s): Eva Febriani


This study aims to analyze the Indonesian National History textbooks for Grade X Senior High Schools in the 2013 curriculum published by Erlangga. This research method uses a qualitative approach. The data collection technique is literature study, book analysis which starts with reading and examining all available data, especially primary data. The results of this study indicate that the 2013 Grade X Senior High School textbooks, in terms of feasibility, already use language that is easy to understand and packaged attractively with pictures, tables, and diagrams to clarify historical concepts and facts. However, no discussion of alternative viewpoints: This book tends to present one point of view on certain historical events and does not discuss alternative or controversial viewpoints that can stimulate students' critical thinking. Then there are still space limitations, so some topics may need to be dealt with in detail. However, in terms of content, it has followed the Board of National Standards on Education and Outline of Implementation of Learning Process based on curriculum standards. It meets national bookkeeping standards for the feasibility of this book's content, graphics, language, and presentation.

Keywords: Content Feasibility Analysis, Indonesian History Textbooks, 2013 Curriculum

Pages: 155-159

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