E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 5, 2023

Perception and Problems Faced by Visitors of Three Star Hotels in Coimbatore City

Author(s): Dr. MR Chandrasekar, Monish Kumar


Tourism industry has become one of the most profitable industries in the India, three-star hotels business a major source of income of the country has highly competitive and there are also some problems that affect the hotel and guests. Customers satisfaction has been identified as a key performance indicator in hotel industry. Despite the great number of tourists that attracted each year, there are only limited number of studies that have looked at customers perception and problems. This study, hence, is an attempt to fill a part of this gap and this study forecasts perception and problem faced by visitors in three-star hotels in Coimbatore city. Perception means the ability to notice or understand something. The objective of this case study is to study the socio-economic background of the respondents. The data were collected using a questionnaire containing 27 questions and data were analyzed using simple percentage, weighted average, chi-square and ranking analysis. Findings revealed that hotel had not fulfilled the customers towards ‘quality of goods in hotel, and also the government should incentivize hotel accreditation so that more hotels enroll for accreditation to standardize their services’. The current study is one of the studies that canonize customers satisfaction of three-star hotels in Coimbatore city based on the data collected.

Keywords: Perception, Problems, Customer Satisfaction, Highly Competitive

Pages: 115-118

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