E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Chemical Composition of Essential Oils of Fresh Jordanian Euphorbia Hierosolymitana Boiss

Author(s): Areej M Al-Ghoul, Musa H Abu Zarga, Mahmoud A Al-Qudah


Essential oils, in turn, have attracted the attention of researchers in recent years for their multiple biological activities, which target several diseases. In this paper, the flowering aerial parts of fresh E. hierosolymitana Boiss were collected from its natural habitat in the Jerash area, Jordan, in July 2017. The essential oil was obtained from the collected plant by using the hydrodistillation Clevenger method. The essential oil was analyzed by (GC-MS). GC/MS analysis of the hydro-distilled oil. 112 components were identified. The identified compounds belonged to seven classes, which can be classified as; monoterpene hydrocarbons (MH), oxygen-containing monoterpenes (OM), sesquiterpene hy¬drocarbons (SH), and oxygen-containing sesquiterpenes (OS), diterpene hydrocarbons (DT), oxygenated hydrocarbons (OD), ester (E). The major components of the oil were found to be caryophyllene oxide (12.84%), α-chenopodiol (3.91%), benzene acetaldehyde (3.80%), heptanal (3.41%) and β-ylangene (3.12%).

Keywords: Euphorbiceae, Euphorbia Hierosolymitana, Essential Oil, Distillation, Volatile Compounds

Pages: 999-1002

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