E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Proportion and Associated Factors of Periodontitis among Diabetic Patients Attending in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Dhaka

Author(s): Eshika Nazneen, Lazina Muna, Mozammal Hossain


This descriptive type of cross-sectional study was conducted with the aid of a standardized questionnaire and check list, information was gathered through face-to-face interviews and clinical examinations. The respondents ranged in age from 15 to 74 (46.46 ± 11.24), 62% male and 38% female. 79% did not treatment periodontitis previously; 60% brush their teeth before breakfast, 69.3% brush their teeth once daily, 53.3% used toothpaste for brushing, 74.7% did not use flosses, and 82% did not used mouth wash. 32% participants have periodontal pocket and according to index 34% of them had grade 4 periodontitis, 24% grade x periodontitis, 18.3% grade I periodontitis, (10%) grade 3 periodontitis, (7.3%) grade 2 periodontitis and rest (6%) had grade 1 periodontitis, 76.7% of them had periodontitis, and rest of them (23.3%) had not. 85% of them were have no hepatitis, 98% of them were have no tuberculosis, 53.3% of them were have high blood pressure, 53.7% smoker, 56.7% had tobacco chewing habit. Regarding periodontitis, clinical factors hepatitis, high blood pressure were statistically significant (X2=10.59 df=1 P=.001), (X2=51.92 df=1 P<0.01) and tuberculosis was not statistically significant (X2=1.99 df=1 P=.160), while the life style factors like tooth brushing time, used of mouth wash, used of dental floss, tobacco chewing habit and smoking were highly statistically significant (X2=14.80 df=3 p=.002), (X2=42.74 df=1 p<0.01), (X2=17.34 df=1 p<0.01), (X2=38.99 df=1 p<0.01) and (X2=28.30 df=1 p<0.01). The study findings recommended for provision of essential dental health services (especially periodontitis) to the diabetic patient for prevention and control of various dental health problems.

Keywords: Periodontitis, Diabetic, Dental Health, Risk Factor, Tooth Brushing

Pages: 935-939

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